The One that got away

Published on 07/14,2015

one day you two will meet again
she’ll be wearing a dress that you never got to see
high heels and the lipstick that you never really liked,
but now it’s the most beautiful color you’ve ever seen
her nails will be painted your favorite color 
her hair will be in curls down to her waist 
and she will smell like your favorite of her perfumes

you will hear her voice 
and it will take you back
you’ll remember all of the i love yous that she said and the prayers that she prayed
you’ll see her smile
you’ll remember how happy she made you
and you’ll remember what it felt like when her lips touched yours so gently 
but so passionately
and how sweet she tasted
you’ll look in her eyes
and you’ll remember all the tears, all the apologies, all the i miss yous
you’ll remember the way it felt to leave her
to lose her 
and it’ll sting
but only for a second
because you moved on a long time ago
but you’ll wonder 
oh, you’ll wonder
you’ll wonder why you ever walked away from a woman like her.

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