This one's for keeps ~ part two

Published on 06/23,2015

''Enough about me, I still have a question about you.'' ''I am ready. Tell me what do you want to know?'' '' Why did you sit next to me when you have three more benches nearby?'' 'That's the only thing you want toknow? Damn girl, you are so weird.'' ''Tell me about it.'' ''Well as a was passing by I saw you. You were in your own world and I wanted to get to know your world. Maybe get a chance to change it.'' ''Sure you did. Joke all you want.'' ''Why are you so harsh? Let me take you on a date and then decide if this was a joke.'' ''No.'' ''I will await you here tomorrow at 7pm.'' ''Wate all you want, I still won't come.'' ''We will see.'' But I came. Don't judge me. I was curious. When he saw me he started smiling. It was very cute. But I still didn't want to get attached to a certain stranger. ''Oh, you came anyway.'' He started laughing. ''Everybody deserves a second chance.'' ''Sure they do.'' Smile again. ''Can we get this over with?'' ''Come with me miss.'' He gave me his hand and I let him lead me. We walked towards the bridge where some woman was selling ice cream. Than he make me go on the middle of a bridge and we watch sunset together.  I was so happy that my eyes filled with tears. ''What'swrong, silly?'' ''Nothing, it's just a moment of weakness.'' I lied. It wasn't a moment of weakness, it was a moment of pure happiness and grace. Hegently hugs me and kissed me on the cheek. I hug him back because I felt safe. I felt like I had my own part of heaven. It was just amazing. He was my halo. He was my embrace. Everything about him made mewant to trust him, made me feel protected. I let him reach for me, reach for my soul. The sweetest thing about him is that he always keeps me laughing. Like he treasures my smile. Finally, I chose my poison and it's him.

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